Our Services

Grading and Processing

Our highly skilled packhouse team grades fruit based on industry standards as well as your required specifications.

Packing and Distribution

Our facility is capable of agile and diverse packing combinations to meet your needs, increase shelf life and maximise output without compromising quality.

Production Analytics

Dons Fort Packing is able to provide our customers with comprehensive production data to show your pack out results

About Us

Locally-owned and operated by the Donovan family, Dons Fort Packing is a leading provider of post-harvest solutions in the Bundaberg region. We have created this state of the art facility primarily to process our own produce, but given its tremendous capacity, we have opened the doors to 3rd party fruit growers in the region. As one of Australia’s largest avocado growers, we are able to lend our extensive industry knowledge and market connections to all Dons Fort customers.

We strive for excellence in our produce grading, processing and packing services with a focus on efficiency. We understand the competing challenges of optimising pack outs, meeting market specifications, and minimising processing and packaging costs – our systems never fail to deliver real value. By leveraging the technology and capabilities of our modern facility, we’re able to provide our customers with optimal return on their produce. Contact us today for more information!

Strategic Partners

The Avolution is Australia’s premier produce marketing company. Driving innovation, transparency and efficiency in the horticulture industry, The Avolution supports growers with a lean supply chain model and modern marketing strategies.

Lindsay Rural provides integrated end-to-end rural solutions and supplies more than 1,500 farmers with an extensive range of agricultural products including packaging, fertilisers, chemicals, and irrigation equipment.

Sunfam is Bundaberg's leading retailer of pumps, irrigation systems, farm chemicals and fertilisers for all customers, big and small. They also provide services which include irrigation design, pump repair, installation and more.

Widely regarded as the pioneer of liquid nutrition innovation in Australia, Agrichem produces a vast range of specialty liquid fertilisers, soluble solids, plant health formulas and adjuvants for growers around the world.

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Contact us today to learn more about our produce processing and packing services.

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